Hi ,

I googled a lot and couldnt derive a proper picture.

  1. How is sendmail, SMTP related?
  2. Is it required to have SMTP relay configured for sendmail to function?
  3. Would sendmail have a standalone existence irrespective of OS flavor?

Please suggest me on the above and it would be great if you could share some article links for further reading.




Like me someone else also had got confused after reading few articles :)

Does the reply here stands valid?

Thanks a lot in advance for your consideration.



Not quite sure what you are looking for, but:
1. sendmail for PHP reads SMTP settings from PHP.INI for sending e-mail using the SMTP protocol
2. Relay is only necessary if your mail server is on a different server then Apache (not recommended anyway).
3. Not sure what you mean here, explain.

look more some video on google search with keyword: " smtp server with lr"