In my windows machine, just i have installed xampp and the drupal 7. I need of debugging tool, so am going for the 
    Eclipse PHP Development Tool (PDE). I don't know, how to install on my windows machine. Can anybody give me a step by step installation to carry out the insatllation in my machine.

    This debug option, should work for DRUPAL also. In sense, configure it for DRUPAL. Anybody can help me out. thanks.
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Just a recommendation, if you will be working on php codes with html tags in the mix, netBeans is the best IDE to use. NetBeans has a lot to offer than the eclipse. Plus, if you will be experimenting with the templating system like smarty in the future, netBeans already support smarty plugin. Variables and Function search is just amazingly accurate in netBeans IDE, and it knows your html tags opening and closing tags.

NetBeans should at least run in a system like windows 7, xp with lots of memory. Otherwise run it on any linux distros without speed bump ( I am running netBeans in my linux box). I only use windows for surfing the Internet and for some school work I have to write.

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