HI there, I run into a very annoying problem. On one of the sites I am working on, I have a series of landscape and portrait pictures to show. The landscapes are ok as you can see from here if you click on the first thumbnail http://antobbo.webspace.virginmedia.com/petras/test/egypt.htm but if you try the second you see I am having problems with the portrait. Now, the script has been built to handle only landscapes pictures (I was thinking to do a similar thing to my own website where a portrait picture is effectively turned into a landscape by adding some black border around it - here's a practical demonstration http://antonioborrillo.co.uk/gloom.htm and click on the first thumbnail) but my client doesn't want a border around it which makes things more difficult. So, I wonder, what's the best way to handle this? Should I create in the script a function that handles landscapes and portraits? What do you recommend?

I have tried other things but not much joy to be honest, I have been thinkering the code for the whole day.

Personally, from a user perspective, I'd like to see portrait support. If you do not provide this, it will mean that the portrait pictures will always be shown smaller. That is not a restriction I'd like.

I understand you wanting to build your own, but wouldn't it be easier/cheaper to use a 3rd party tool. Most have already tackled the issues you're going to run into.

thanks, I think for the moment the issue is solved, the client is happy with a transparent frame, so I will use a png, she doesn't mind the portrait pictures being smaller