I do not see it!

    //Code for Header and Search Bar

    function headerAndSearchCode() {
    $defaultText = htmlentities($_GET['keywords']);
    echo '
    <header id="main_header">
    < div id= "rightAlign">


      //links will be here

        <a href=\"index.php\"><imgsrc="http://www.lisa1986.com/images/mainLogo.png"></a>
    <div id=\ "top_search\">
        <form name=\"input\" action=\"search.php\" method=\get\">
        <input type=\"text\" id=\"keywords\" size="\100px\" class=\"searchBox\"  

        <select id=\"category\" name\"category\" class=\"searchBox\">

//include categories here
echo '

    <input type="submit" value"Search" class"button" />


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