Hey people,

I am wondering what a good editor is that supports HTML5, CSS3, cakephp and a few other plugins ?

I'm using Eclipse for php which supports HTML5... At the same time, I trying Aptana Studio3 which supports CSS3 ...

I need one that supports all.. Or even Plugins for PHP eclipse would be Fine..



I tend to use a free bit of software called Programmers Notepad. It supports pretty much any language you can think of and is quite lightweight.

Hope this may help

I know those editors support multiple languages. But, I need something that supports cakephp framework. Is there a plugin that I can download for eclipse or Komodo?


I would suggest Netbeans or Eclipse. Those IDEs are commonly used by professionals.

I swear by PHP Zend Studio, which is based on Eclipse.

You guys seem not to get what I am after. I am looking for a cakephp plugin that works in either editors Komodo or Eclipse.


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cakephp is just a framework so any editor that can edit php can edit that, can't it?

Surely, it can. But, when I press ctrl+space to see what the cakephp methods and HTML helpers that are available to me so I can use them, it does not show me that!!! That also happens in Javascript as well. I was trying to get the editor to tell me what functions that I can use after document.getElementById('paragraph').body.. it shows some functions but not all.

The line I was trying to accomplish was document.getElementById('paragraph').body.style.bgColor.....'

Are there libraries or plugins that I can import?

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OK: http://www.codelobster.com/

Although cakephp plug-in is for the paid version. Haven't tried it though.

check out Sublime Text 2
I think you will be happy with the results of this editor.

@ardav... That editor looks not bad at all. I would appreciate a link to a free download of professional version!