I have a lot of files i need to read with PHP script. All of them has the ANSI encoding type and, unfortunately, they contain special characters. Since my page is in UTF8, i need to convert the file content to UTF8 on the fly while reading them. What's the best method to convert the content to display all the special foreign characters normally?


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Will the iconv() function solve that for you?


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Will the correct syntax be iconv("ANSI", "UTF-8", $text) or iconv("Windows-1252", "UTF-8", $text) or neither?

The second one: iconv("Windows-1252", "UTF-8", $text)

also test with:

iconv("Windows-1252", "UTF-8//TRANSLIT", $text);
iconv("Windows-1252", "UTF-8//IGNORE", $text);
iconv("Windows-1252", "UTF-8//TRANSLIT//IGNORE", $text);

If characters arn't converting correctly

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I don't understand why your extended chars won't display under UTF-8. Can you give an example of some text and your <head> section?

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