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Dear friends,
I am using shared linux hosting php5 enabled and also supports php4, I am using some .php files for my site, Now I want to edit my php ini, Whether I need to edit php5.ini or or php.ini. I do not know which type of php files I am having. Which version I am using?. Please help me. Thanks


Shared hosting does not allow direct php.ini file editing. However, you are allowed to add entries to either .htaccess file or create a new php.ini file, depending on your server's API. There are cases where additional entries are needed to be included in .htaccess file, and others has to go on php.ini file. Even with this given option, there are some settings that you can't just change like adding extensions e.g.

Copy codes below, paste it your code editor, save as anyNameYouWant.php, upload this file to your server. Direct your browser to this file..




Look for the value of "Server API", and post it here. I am expecting a value of either apache module, apache, CGI, or fast CGI. Based on the API loaded on your server, I can tell you where add your enties.

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