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Server of your database and server where your site is haven't to be on same machines.
For approaching database you need DBserver (address/location), DBuser and DBpass. You can use it from any
application i.e desktop application created in Delphi or VB.
Someone with more experience than I have should say am I correct or wrong.



The database must be configured to accept remote access. Many are configured to localhost only. If you have something like cPanel you can configure it. If the DB is not yours and you do not have access to it, you're pretty much stuffed, unless there is a provision for searching (online search, REST json or XML etc etc). You can use cURL to get hold of remote data on sites if you really have to.


Yeah, the database is an online server. I want to access it. I have got the username, password, name of database. I have tried changing the database configuration file on my computer(adding the username, password, name of database also). But, it does not access the online database and gives me some error saying that the database is not recognised or there is no access to it!

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