I had my wordpress site up and running just fine but when I visited it recently I got the following error:

Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.

I contacted the person who set up my database and was told

I spent hours trying to reinstall all the PHP, mySql etc. but it still doesn't work. I have no idea why. Nothing has been touched or changed in the server.
Here is the issue:
~ Mysql is running OK.
~ Php is running OK.
~ PHP does not recognize mySql (see phpInfo here: http://www.shluchim.org/php.php).

The extension is added in php.ini and other extensions are working fine. I really have no idea as what to do, let me know if you know an expert in PHP+MySql in IIS installation.

Any suggestions? I'm a web deigner and this is all Greek to me :-(.


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seems to me that you should check your php.ini to ensure it includes the line extension=php_mysql.dll uncommented, this is what tells php to load the mysql extension.
(if it is not there, you should be able to simply add it)

Thanks for the suggestion. It is uncommented. Any other ideas?


Solution was: install PHP 5.3 in FastCGI mode instead of 5.2.8 that was in ISAPI mode

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