I am currently in the middle of redesigning an iRC game bot into ruby. I am experiencing problems be to me not knowing any kind of ruby language, (new to the coding world) i was curious if someone could point me to a path I could change an irc coding to match the same in Ruby..
Please see below the current coding for iRC
.. what it does is chooses a name from a txt file sets in variable and then prints a file to mirc 'as a relative result'
alias checkem {
%thegreyraces = off
echo -a Checking 4Winners of Race %greyhoundracenumber at %trackraced $+ ...
if ($read(%greyhpunter,nw,%boxthatwon) != $null) {
var %found $v1,%x $readn + 1
while ($read(%greyhpunter,nw,%boxthatwon,%x) != $null) {
%found = $addtok(%found,$v1,$3)
%x = $readn + 1
%nickthatwon = $remove(%found,Box,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
msg %channel 2Greyhound Race %greyhoundracenumber winners from4 %trackraced are12 $remove($findem(%greyhpunter,%boxthatwon),%dogchosen)

else {
msg %channel 2Unfortunately there were No winners this time of Race %greyhoundracenumber at %trackraced $+ ...
.timerrescheck 1 5 echo -a Checking 4Results info of Race %greyhoundracenumber at %trackraced $+ ... 100% Complete!
.timervarunset 1 30 cleargreys | echo -a 14Deleting and resetting variables to 0!
;msg %channel 2The next Greyhound Race will begin in 3 minutes! | .timergrestarting 1 180 greyintro

So i spose my real question is can this be converted somehow into Ruby/Or rails? or am i sool :(

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Yes, this should be possible.

Although I've no experience writing an IRC bot in Ruby yet, you might want to decide whether you want to implement it as a mIRC script, or a standalone bot that connects all by itself.

So you've got 2 options:

  1. Use this dll with mIRC
  2. Write a standalone bot similar to this
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