I am not sure if this makes sense, but in an application I've working on, there are two users. One is an admin with an admin role/capabilities and the other is a member with a member role/capabilities. Now, when I log in as the admin, there is no issue. When I log in as a member, there is no issue until I navigate to a particular page. Then what happens is that the session is somehow reset, and the user is now logged in as the admin, but with still with the same user role/capabilities. Like I said, I know that doesn't make sense, but what should I look for in order to fix this issue? Thanks.

Now, when you log in as Admin, do you "Sucessfuly" log out so the session is destroyed? The only thing i can think of is the session not being destroyed and the member gets the session because its still active. Or when you log in as Member, what is the "Particular Page" that you go to, and does members session work on all other pages? Or do you log in as Member and you click on a nother page after logging in and you get admin role?

Please post your code of what you have for the php so we can look at it. Right now all we can do is just spitwad at the idae

I found the issue. When checking to see if the session username is equal to the creator of a project, I was using (=) instead of (==). Stupid mistake.

Thats good

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