Hi there,

I'm bit rusty in PHP,
I'm curently doing an PHP assignment where a user can select and save listed images/data/values into their own collection
I have inputted all the data and printed out in a repeat region with recordset paging.

I'm confused how am i suppose to save a checked checkbox temporary before submission as there a more then 1 page as i using recordset paging to output the options.(Meaning: i have selected 2 values in the first page then i click next page to select balance values and finally submit my selection)

advance THANKS!

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I would add them to an array and either store that array in a session or pass it as a variable from page to page.

hi simplypixie,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes i have read store in session or pass a variable.
But the articles are bit confusing as i'm new to this.

All the while i'm trying to pass the variable in array to the next page but i think i doing it wrong and i have removed the code before it starts confusing me.

How is it possible to save in session ?
- does it work onclick on the checkbox or the paging ?

Is it possible for me to get a tutorial either of this ?


Can you post your array code so I can check it.

If you want to add it to a session, at the top of each page you want to retain the session (including the page where you create it) you must put session_start(); before any other php or html. Then to assign your array to the session you just need something like this:

$_SESSION['aSessionName'] = $yourArrayName;
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