I have a jsp page where certain parameter/value pairs need to be sent to one application server and a different set to another totally different server, is there a way to do that by the user pressing one submit button. And if not why not?? Wouldn't you think it is a pretty common thing to want to update say 2 databases at 2 different locations at the same time?

Thank You.

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Nothing unusual specially in financial world. Have look on Java transaction API in regards of Two-Phase Commit

Hey peter__budo thanks for the reply, however I am not asking about
communicating to the database directly. Imagine a form where you can specify 2 actions for the ACTION element in succession, that is what I need. I want to submit the form contents to 2 different web application servers with one click of the submit button. The solution does not have to be standard, I am open to hearing some creative thought over here.

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