can anybody tell me, how to protect website design with copyright ?

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What design do you want to protect ? Can you explain a little more what you are trying to achieve?

I have created website design which is original visually and functionally, with the use of jquery. May be someone will make exact copy of that good work. It is possible to make copy, as it is using my sources.

I want to protect my design from being copied.

I want copyright for my work , i.e. my website design.

You made it, the copyright is yours. Enforcing, however, is much more difficult.

How to register that wotk from India in case of claim for copyright if someone made copy of design illegally ?

Consult a lawyer. It is already your intellectual property. Within your country is probably easy to sue someone (if you can prove it is a copy), but if I would make a copy of that here, you'd need international law advice. Not all countries care about this.

is it possible to protect, original website design work, internationally?

Copyright should do that as stated (on paper), however it doesn't prevent stealing from happening. When it happens to get stolen, there is no guarantee legal action can be taken, or will have any effect. Again, please, consult a lawyer.

Thanks for reply

I'll consult with lawyer n see is there true solution or not.

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