$graph =& new PHPlot();

$example_data = array(

When ever I run this program I get an error !
The image "http://localhost/test.php" cannot be displayed because it contains errors.

I also have GD library enabled!
What is the error ?
Please help!

try doing a var_dump.. that should give you something in return. Actually, I created a demo of this type of script as shown Click Here.

What I did was disassembled the class, because it is creating so much trouble. I don't think it is worth the hassle. So, class have to go.

try doing the arrays like this

 $data = array(
 array('', 1800,   5), array('', 1810,   7), array('', 1820,  10)


Brief explanation on how the arrays related to plotting..

for example the above array represents the following 1800 is the x-axis 5 is the y-axis values, followed by the next dot or line continuation of the 1800 x-axis and the y-axis which 1820 and 10.

so by looking at your codes above you must add '' if it is a line graph, If it is a bar graph.. you can do like this

$data = array(
 array('x-axis value 1', 1),    array('x-axis value 2', 2),    array('x-axis value 3', 3)


Again the second array above, demonstrate the proper convention of php plot.. x-axis, y-axis value. AND every thing in the array should be in ascending order.. like

(x = 1, y = 1), (x = 2, y =2),,, and so forth..

Before modifying your codes above, try this first by changing your codes below..


to this


try it, that should work.. here is the demo. of the same plot class using the same convention I described above..

Here is the demo of your array, using my recommended fix above.