I have a query to adjust the size of the fieldset.

Sliding Form from this site i have taken the sliding form. I have modified few things such as
1. There are only two fields Login and registration
2. It Do not check when all the are text field are filled or not. Therefore on the tabs on the bottom it do not show tick mark or wrong image as shows in the site.

My problem:
I want to adjust the field of first one i.e. Login. Because field of login is smaller then registration. Login have 2 text field and 1 dropdown list. Registration field have 7 text field and 2 dropdown list.

Can anyone tell me how to adjust the field height by jquery with smooth animation.

$(this).stop().animate({"height": '300px' },1100); // simple example


$(this/ID/Class).stop().animate({"css property": 'set value' }, animate in ms);

stop() is used to stop any already going on animation on same element,

I learned jquery Here Thanks to jeffrey :)

Below is small code from my old project for the mouse over event(hover)

   $(this).children('.front').stop().animate({"top": '300px' },1100);

I will recommend you to check out that link so u can understand quickly.