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set that as the host name for the smtp host?

I wouldn't even bother with this dude any more after revious experiences.
He does dump what ever question on forum waiting to get immediate answer, when you ask him for more details he doesn't reply and instead create another thread with modified requirements.
If you provide him with some help he doesn't say if it helped, doesn't say thank you and is lazy to even mark threads as solved. To top all these he is absolute lazy git with no intention of searching, just like here http://www.daniweb.com/forums/post1477199.html#post1477199 where I told him to ask these questions on goodady, even provided links.
Another individual that fits perfectly into category of I have XYZ certifications, I can do it all and in reality he has no clue...


can u plz send me code to implement it

Well, where are you currently setting the mailhost? Do it there. If you are not setting the mailhost, then find a JavaMail tutorial (google will provide plenty) as you are not doing anything right in the first place.

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