Hello guys
my question is asked more than 1000 times on internet by peoples but i cannot follow any of them (everything is correct but not worked) , i have a simple login system and after that there is a simple field (Email) and a submit button, its connected to mysql db and working perfect. but i want to write a program that has a username / password and the desired data to submit who can act like a robot (first login and then fill the email box and finally submit). ive used cURL but nothing gonna work. trully is it possible to do this or not if your answer is yes im beggin you to help me.

thanks in advanced

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You can set autocomplete="on" in some of the form fields. Don't know if this will help. ANyway, the browser should then ask if you want to keep these details. I don't think it's a good idea to automatically populate the form in general as you may place the wrong user's details in the form.

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