hi guys, this is my first javascript program so i'm certainly a noob.
i just want to ask why doesn't this global variable not recognized by my functions .. ?

the thing is i need to get the id of a certain table to count the number of rows and columns in it so that i could sum up their values
this is the code that i've used in getting the table id:

var Tableid;
function getTableID(tableID){
    while (tableID.nodeName.toLowerCase() != 'table')
        tableID = tableID.parentNode;
    alert(tableID.id);//for checking only
    var Tableid = tableID.id;

function getColumnCount() 
    return document.getElementById(Tableid).getElementsByTagName('tr')[0].getElementsByTagName('td').length; 

function getRowCount() 
return document.getElementById(Tableid).rows.length; 

to trigger the getTableID i place the onclick="getTableID(this)" on the input tag of html.
i'm pretty sure that the code for the summation is working because i've tried specifying the table name.

thx in advance.

Where you are setting Tableid, I believe you are actually redeclaring a local variable with the same name, so your global is never getting set. Try removing the var from line 6 and see if that solves your problem.

Here is some general information on javascript variables that may also be helpful:

i have tried removing the var .. but still it doesn't recoginzed the value that getTableID is passing on to it ..

thnx for the idea .. i have fixed the problem already, i initialized the global variable Tableid = getTableID(tableID); and it works fine now ..