Hi all,

After spending 2 days going through this code, going through search engines and endless forums trying to find a solution, i find myself still on Square 1. Therefore just before I begin hitting my head against the wall (have pity on the poor wall) I thought I'd give this forum a go hoping that someone might be able to help me find what is wrong with this code:

Sincerely appreciate your time and assistance.

Thank you

The error message I receive is:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/zincom/public_html/hf/contactformprocess.php on line 76

The code I have is:


if(isset($_POST['info@xxxxxxxxxx'])) {

    include 'contactformsettings.php';

    function died($error) {
        echo "Sorry, but there were error(s) found with the form you submitted. ";
        echo "These errors appear below.<br /><br />";
        echo $error."<br /><br />";
        echo "Please complete all fields.<br /><br />";

    if(!isset($_POST['Name']) ||
        !isset($_POST['Email']) ||
        !isset($_POST['Phone']) ||
        !isset($_POST['Enquiry']) || 
        ) {
        died('Sorry, there appears to be a problem with your form submission.');        

    $full_name = $_POST['Name']; // required
    $email_from = $_POST['Email']; // required
    $telephone = $_POST['Phone']; //  required
    $comments = $_POST['Enquiry']; // required
    $antispam = $_POST['AntiSpam']; // required

    $error_message = "";

    $email_exp = '/^[A-Za-z0-9._%-]+@[A-Za-z0-9.-]+\.[A-Za-z]{2,4}$/';
  if(preg_match($email_exp,$email_from)==0) {
    $error_message .= 'The Email Address you entered does not appear to be valid.<br />';
  if(strlen($name) < 2) {
    $error_message .= 'Please enter your name.<br />';

      if(strlen($phone) < 2) {
    $error_message .= 'Please enter your phone number.<br />';
  if(strlen($enquiry) < 2) {
    $error_message .= 'Please enter details of your enquiry.<br />';

  if($antispam <> $antispam_answer) {
    $error_message .= 'The Anti-Spam answer you entered is not correct.<br />';

  if(strlen($error_message) > 0) {
    $email_message = "Form details below.\r\n";

    function clean_string($string) {
      $bad = array("content-type","bcc:","to:","cc:");
      return str_replace($bad,"",$string);

    $email_message .= "Name: ".clean_string($name)."\r\n";
    $email_message .= "Email: ".clean_string($email_from)."\r\n";
    $email_message .= "Phone: ".clean_string($phone)."\r\n";
    $email_message .= "Enquiry: ".clean_string($enquiry)."\r\n";

$headers = 'From: '.$email_from."\r\n".
'Reply-To: '.$email_from."\r\n" .
'X-Mailer: PHP/' . phpversion();
@mail($email_to, $email_subject, $email_message, $headers);
header("Location: $thankyou");
<script>location.replace('<?php echo $thankyou;?>')</script>

Just like the error says, you are missing an ending } to close off the first line of your code:

if(isset($_POST['info@xxxxxxxxxx'])) {

So right after line 75 just add an ending "}" curly bracket

Even the most basic editor should have made this pretty easy to find.

thankyou dschuett for your swift response... really appreciate it.

Next problem now is that I am not receiving emails....argghhhhh....

It looks like you are not setting $email_to or $email_subject anywhere.

Check these, and verify if you can that your SMTP server is configured in the php.ini/conf file. You may need to set this via

ini_set ( "SMTP", "smtp-server.example.com" );
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