I have a php file lets say file1.php, that printing a variable, its dynamic numbers output that already always increasing, like private message numbers that coming or others :

echo $variable

i want to put that variable output, in another files page title, lets say file2.php or file3.html,
in the front of the another files page titles, and auto refresh every x seconds, maybe like this :

(1) - another text in the page title

after x seconds, get a private message
(2) - another text in the page title

after another x seconds, get another private message
(3) - another text in the page title

or its ok if just like this, only the variable, without the another text in the page title

please share your knowledge to make it, maybe using javascript, jquery or others

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Some Googling on your part should have afforded some answers

myTimer=setInterval('getVar();', 10000); //every 10 seconds
function getVar(){
    do your ajax call and prepend data

That's a start. You can find many, many resources on ajax calls via jQuery -try the jQuery website.

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