need help here. how can i change the src in <embed> using javascript that works in firefox?


<embed src="music.mid">

- how can i change "music.mid" to another midi file.

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First, I don't work much with embeds, so this is speculation. But you need to give your element an ID, as such:

<embed id="myMidi" src="music.mid">

Then, you can get to the object using document.getElementById("myMidi") . At that point, try simply changing the source:

document.getElementById("myMidi").src = "newfile.mid";

<embed id="myMidi" src="music.mid">
document.getElementById("myMidi").src = "newfile.mid";

Hi, I already use this case but the embed object c'not accept the src.
there is my problem.

The "embed" tag may not allow that. What you may have to do instead is place the tag into a div, and then use JavaScript to completely rewrite the contents of the div. Research ".innerHTML".

There is a solution:

var oEmbed = document.getElementById("myMidi");
oEmbed.setAttribute("src", "newfile.mid")

anyone know how to make that part where you said "newfile.mid" be a variable as well? i mean something like

function myFunction(variable) {
object = element.setAttribute("src", variable); 


<font size="5" onclick="myFunction('filepath/file.ext');">text1</font>
<font size="5" onclick="myFunction('filepath/file2.ext');">text2</font>

<embed src="" ></embed>

would this work?

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