hey guys,

got a job at a small IT company, i work with network, asterisk platform and developping tools for admins, operators and clients.
i'm having a blast programming and the updates-patches are at nights, perfect for my vampiric personnality

but ... i still consider myself a jr. man! there is so much to learn

(i work with a mix of PHP, Java, Python, AJAX, Prototype and HTML5 for some event handling)

i'm having problem getting around the code of others
custom in house framework and after 4-5 programmers you can imagine the cleaness of the code and almost no comments
nop, i have no head programmer here, i'm by my own

seriously it takes me more time to find where the code is, than doing to actual modification
sometimes i think, i would be better off redoing the entire software even if it takes me half a year, than loosing my time searching.

so you guys have any tricks ?
or how you guys handle others code (i mean large projects) ?
maybe hints on the IDE, i work with eclipse for production and VIM for live ermergency update



When you are updating code, clean up around the change. With every change you make, the code will get cleaner. Add some sensible comments where needed, fix the identation, adjust variables names, whatever you can improve.