i posted earlier this week about getting around codes in large projects.

someone told me to install phpDocumentor and it will give the architecture of the software.
i though, i should give it a shot, because im wasting my time searching instead of doing.

the thing is, phpDocumentor doesnt work.

i've put the folder in my www (im running a wampserver for production)
and downloaded and installed the depencies software. (XSL extension for PHP and Graphviz)
i've changed the path, so phpdoc.bat is accessible.

and.. read the documentation on the phpDocumentor site.

you guys have an idea on what im missing ?



Have you tried using a using NetBeans IDE? It literally comes with everything you need I think..

nop, but im willing to give it a try.



Cool, try it and give it a chance. The upside of using NetBeans IDE is the multi-programming language support, and the ease of loading multiple projects. On top of these, it will be a lot easier to trace any variables, functions, and class instantiation across your project. So, disassembling or just learning how the programming flows of an applications inherited from other developers is a brisk.

NetBeans has an extensive search capabilities. For example, you can search $foo , foo(), or class foo. The options can be either current document or current project.

The downside of netbeans IDE is that it uses more memory compared to Eclipse, but I will take netbeans over eclipse, because netbeans has features that I need.. e.g. zend framework, smarty plugins, and many other stuffs that are not found in other IDE free or for FEE..

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