I am trying to write out some areas of an existing guestbook program, and keep hitting brick walls. It consists of a controller, view, and a tweaking of the results display. Anyone here interested in taking a look ?

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That's what we're here for! Post your code and exactly what's not working I'm sure someone will take a look at it.

Awesome, thanks. This is going to be fairly long as I am a graphic designer first, and a web tinkerer second. I am using the Concrete5 CMS for this site, and have been trying to adapt a guestbook plugin to simply have the user input one text field to sign up their name, and have it display in a results table.

The way C5 structures it's plugins is to have a view.php, a controller.php some php to add it as a block to a site, and some more to have it operate with the interface, so my issues are plenty. I have setup a default site for anyone wanting to play with it at www.ekkoinitiative.com ( the looks are not staying like that, its just the vanilla install on temp site) there is a login at the bottom left of page, and you can use the word daniweb / pass to login as an admin.

The codes are pasted on the page marked guestbook code, with downloads, and most relevant code printed out. I was thinking of clering this out, and putting new files to meet my needs but I am simply not skilled enough for this task. Any help is appreciated, and I will absoloutely give back. Thanks in advance, I have been having no luck as I have never dealt with chopping a package down, and keep erroring, removing the additional fields from view.php, and what I thought they are associated with in the controllers are not taking and I am still getting " please fill all fields, even though I think I am taking all thats required out,

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Word of advice - don't allow anybody to take control of your site - they could post all sorts of nasties. Have edited your previous post to take off the admin name.

In addition, post any code you have trouble with here. The code on your site is difficult to read and the formatting of the latter part is almost impossible.

The site is a temp domain, and it doesnt matter what the admin account I setup for this there does, as its backed up, and all of that accounts actions can be reverted with one click, and the sites meant to be torn down as soon as I am done this form. I have nearly given up trying to make this work, as I truly need a dynamic method as it is needed for 30 pluse pages all pulling different content. Ideally it would be packaged in a concrete5 block with additional features, and I probably should of put this in the job section, and wish I could find some time to get my php skills in order.

While the sites there you could always use it to test drive concrete5, and if anyone thinks they can accomplish the above that would be aewsome as I have no idea how to go about this.

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Ok, in that case, I will reinstate the original passname into your second post. My apologies. Please check that this is correct.

BTW - couldn't see a textbox for the passname as mentioned - bottom left of which page? Can you confirm it's there? All I see is the email form

Its daniweb for username, and pass. ( someone changed the username fooling with it a bit, but its back to normal now)) The little login is there but small (just has a 10pt login text) so if you want you can use the url www.ekkoinitiative.com/index.php/dashboard Thanks for checking it out. :)


The first thing you need to do is create a simple html page ( stand alone). This html page should have all the items you want on your modification. For example, if you are planning to have a form, place the form in this html page including the css. The next one, will be the form processor file, and finally test your script. For now, don't worry about the view.php. Modifying this will be easy later on, once you build a working prototype on what you want to make. The most important is to have a working stand alone script.

Once you are happy with the result, it is time we extend or modify the controller.php, view.php,add.php, edit.php and db.xml files. It should not be that hard, because it is written in OOP.

The main core of the comment block is the Controller.php. In the admin area, the settings are controlled by add.php and edit.php. The default setting options for the admin is delivered by the db.xml. Lastly, the view is where the form elements are located.

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