Sorry Dani... still unable to reproduce any crash-like behaviour for you. Tried following some links from your twitter as mentioed above.

The new ad-hover-background is much more responsive in FF than the striped one was. I did notice that at one point it stopped appearing when hovering over the right hand ad - but then I scrolled and it came back (haven't been able to reproduce, and no errors reported in js console)... weird.

ok,.. since my last reply.. I had one crash today, while responding one of the PHP question.

For people who are having the same experience as mine, please do this..

Step One: Do this after the firefox restart.. open a new tab and then type about:crashes , this should give you some links , crashed id, including the date..

Step Two: click on the link, look for the crash reason. you should be able to get like EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_READ

Then below the page are firefox bug related report.

Looking at these crashes.. I think it is on firefox side, and maybe a little part of the blame, can be put on the ads. Especially, if ithe ads is delivered trhough iframe.

My theory about the iframe is that I tested it locally.. embedding one of the SWF games. Most of these games are embedded within an iframe, because they want to control their refresh rate and deliver the ads on the player. The crash report I get is the same as above.

I am not really sure if that's it, but still the issue is just too isolated in one browser, so it is really hard to point our finger to daniweb having a bug in their script.

Althernative method.. This one requires a Microsoft visual C++ 2010 express.

On windows 7, click on the start paste this on the search input %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Crash Reports\ , and then hit enter.

Click on the crash reports/ pending

right click on the most recent crashes, and then select open, select microsoft visual c++ to open this file.

on the visual console, you will see what went wrong. Look for the Process Name: and Exception information. If the process name says something about plug-in container.exe, and the exception info. a breakpoint has been encountered, then the crash has nothing to do with Daniweb, and it is solely pointing on the firefox itself and nothing else to be blame on this crashes issue. But then again, what are the reasons why the breakpoint has been encountered ??

Well, enough of that, I can fix my firefox.. since I already have my C++ console open already...May I will trim it to the bone when it is almost incapable of doing things like playing online games...

Has a solution been found, apart from the one that reqiuires us to rewrite our FF code using C++ :-)