My project is what I thought is probably a popular one, so I'm hoping the solution is easy enough. To develop an Intranet using the functionality of forms authentication, but automatically logs in authenticated Active Directory users with their Windows authentication (so they do not have to sign in again after logging onto a computer).

So far I've got an ASP.NET(v4.0) website using Windows Authentication on IIS6 and it works well.

I've followed the posts listed below, but with my limited knowledge of & I'm struggling to get these solutions working - and I've also noted they are quite old so hopefully in later versions of .NET this has been sorted (though I cannot find anything). Or failing that, can any verify and expand on any of these so at least I know if they are still valid, and can look again at my interpretation.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction?


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I will not mark this as solved just yet as I'd be interested to know if anyone has a solution, but just for the record - I'm going with Windows Authentication...

I've followed the steps in one of the links you posted: You may notice that you can download the author's source code as well.

In any event, if this web app is for internal users only within the same domain or trusted domain, then Windows Authentication is an adequate solution. The only time you'll need forms based authentication is when a non-domain user tries to access the site. I would not build in additional complexity into the project if you do not absoluately have that extra requirement.

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