I am new for PHP and MySQL, plz guide me for beginning, tnx

1) get php/apache/mysql set up. I recommend using an all-in-one solution like XAMPP (free)but this is nto secure enough for production use.

2) get a good book and tutorials. There is a thread here:


in terms of books i recommend "How To Do Everything With PHP & MySQL"

try even reading a little bit. Larry Ullman has a good beginnign book for both PHP and Mysql.

"PHP and MySQL for dynamic Web Pages."

It assumes you know html but that you've nevver programmed in your life. So its a really good teachign manual.

I like the book "How to do everything with PHP and MySQL" by Vikram Vaswami

Good suggestions. Now for another.

If you can't learn programming from a book. Most colleges offer courses for the web that will teach some if not all of the following to a basic degree.

PHP, html, xhtml, dhtml, JS, Perl, MySQL, oracle, ASP, .Net

hi i enter the site to ask the same i like to learn php and mysql before i start to learn i tell one of my friends that i can handel one of his projects and iam searching for good books to learn from >

i mostly recommend using the manuals (php manual,mysql manual ,...) which could be downloaded from their websites cuz the best way to learn something is to go to the source
h0p3 u f1nd ur w4y

i found (how to do every thing.....) is very usfull thaks for this book also i have download the manual as you said ... iam trying to write my first program with php

I learnt php/mysql from the book "How to do everything with php & mysql" by Vikram Vaswami. On amazon its like $30. Would recommend. Good for beginners as it covers php, mysql and apache individually then you look at some projects combining them. Only basic HTML knowlege is required.

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