I have a url with parameters appended to it. I want to know if there's a way (similar to explode) that seperates a string based on a delimiter and makes the string on the left of the delimiter the key of an array and the string on the right of the delimiter the value.

I have the following url - http://www.domain.com?param1=value1&param2=value2

I remove the domain name and the question mark to leave me with the parameters. I then explode the parameters using the delimiter '&' so that I have an array with two entries as follows:

$params = array('param1=value1', 'param2=value2');

I want to create a new array from this so that I end up with an array like the following:

$param_values = array(
    'param1' => 'value1',
    'param2' => 'value2'

I know how to go about this manually. I'm just wondering if there is a php function that does the same?

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Soemthing like?

$get = $_GET;
$r[$get['param1']] = $get['param2'];

Obviously you'd have to check the existence and validity of the data before doing this.

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Hey diafol

That's not exactly what I'm looking for but the concept is similar to how I'd go about doing it manually except I'd do it like this:

$params = array('param1=value1', 'param2=value2')

foreach($params as $items)
    $item = explode('=', $items);

    $param_values[$item[0]] = $item[1];

I'm looking for a native php function that does this, but if there isn't one I'll just stick to the tried and tested.

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Can't say that I've seen a native function for this. Doesn't mean to say that one doesn't exist though.

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After some searching I wasn't able to find one. I guess my manual solution will have to do.

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