So I've been dealing with this issue for about 5 hours and I'm just about desperate now. I'm trying to create a LOCAL mysql database on my computer using IIS 7. I've already created one on another computer without any issues but I'm having issues configuring it on this laptop of mine.

Both computers are Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise. I've downloaded the 32 bit version if PHP for this computer (there weren't any 64 bit versions) and I've downloaded phpmyadmin 3.5 and configured everything correctly. My issue lies in trying to create a server for the first time when I go to localhost/phpmyadmin/setup.php. I fill in the necessary fields and click "save" but NOTHING gets saved! Usually when you click "save" it should take you to the overview page with your new server created and an option to download the configuration file. I have the config file made in the appropriate place with the appropriate permissions in tact but it seems as if phpmyadmin isn't functioning properly. What's going on? I really need your guys' help :(

Thank you.

Absolutely none which is so weird to me. When I click save it just brings me to the create server page.

can you export the IIS setup and import to your other server?

Idk how. But any clues as to why my phpmyadmin is behaving this way? I've never seen this kind of issue before.

to be honest I have no idea, could be to do with UAC on the OS.

UAC is completely disabled :/ so weird...