hi i'm just wondering on how can i make all the type text in my textbox all uppercase using php? tnx Alot..

thanks for the quick reply..i'll give it a shot..

hi i'm not getting it correctly. can you give me an example code.atleast 1 textbox that are already uppercase when you type a word..thanks in advance, coz i can find a way to incorporate it using a textbox.

it's not that hard, you'll need a 'onkeyup' or something in that direction on your textfield, make it point to a javascript function that goed like

document.getElementById('yourtextfieldID').innerHTML = strtoupper(document.getElementById('yourtextfieldID').innerHTML;

don't litteraly copy/paste it, i wrote this out of the top of my head.

ok thanks a lot for the advice i'll try it..hope i can make something out of it..

We can use the strtoupper() function to do the trick for us

$word = "we Love php";
$word = strtoupper($word);
echo $word; //WE LOVE PHP

heh, sorrry for that, i didn't read your post good enough, and thought you needed javascript.

Guys Thanks a lot for the help its now working already..again thanks everyone:)

you can do either by php or simply css ,
even you can use css or jqeury to find particular textbox,Guys Please correct me if am wrong