hi friends.

i need a help

how to enable and disable multiple textboxes corresponding a button click
belwo i will show u the image catalogsearc
when i click the check box i want to enable these text fields.. hw it possible please provide a sample codes

or give me a suggetion for editing these values in a jsp page

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hi frd s i have solution for ur problem but i think it is so long time so if still not aware of the solution maile(mahendar.k.2010@gmail.com) me i will let u know thw solution.

It is very simple.
You can do it using javascript.
You need to call a javascript function on the "onClick" event of the checkbox.
Inside the called function just check if the checkbox is selected? If yes, then enable the textbox elements elements based upon the ids.
like this


where "mytxt" is the id of your textbox

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