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As I understood from what you said that you are inserting into the table using UTF8 and and you are getting the english characters.
I guess, this is an assuption since no clear input on the problem, the pages encoding/decoding must be set to utf8, same goes for the database. And the pages that are reading from the database should also be UTF8.
In addition, you should import the Font into your css.( Google import font in css).

If you give an idea about the process it will help diagnose your problem efficently
I hope this help


Interesting. You did not reply to your previous thread on mysql and hindi. Is this related?


yes diafol . It is related to previous thread.
I am still not getting the hindi font.
mik; & NksVs cPpksa dks Qy ckVsaA :kruti 013 hindi font
पेट्रोल की कीम:mangal hindi font

The problem is it is not working with kruti font.
I am attaching a document of hindi kruti font which i want to store & show on web page.


The document makes no sense. It's like the first bold line. I changed font to mangal - no joy. kruti 013 - is this web safe? Is it installed on your server?

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