Hi guys,
I have a maybe simple question, but I'm wonder how they do this: http://www.blacknegative.com/#!/adisseo/ background image scale perfect in all screen resolution (even 2560x1440 or 800x1280), and the background picture is only ~1000 x 1000 pixels. I make similar effect with <img src=""> and some javascript, but they do not use img tags. I try to do that, but even with background-size ( css3) background was shrink and look bad. What's the logic or how to scale background image.
Just want to pick the logic.
Thanks in advance!!!

If anyone try to see the javascript behind the site start at ~25200 line (first lines are plugins - jquery, ui, jstween...), just this will save you time.
The site gives many interactive ideas ( animate with sprites, playing with opacity for cool effects).

They just use different images... with different resolutions. Now I think it's impossible that I want :(