Hi there, (is this the right forum for this? If not, a moderator could move it it would be really appreciated)

I'm looking for a programmer who'd be interested in programming from the ground up a online simulation game like those such as [link], [link], [link], etc. Concepts are simple, most codes are basic, several would take alot of work. Efficient code and good MySQL database organizational skills are a must. Javascript knowledge is preferable but not required.

If you're somewhat familiar with these types of games, or would be willing to check it out, I'd love to chat about it and fill you in on more details and get you the link to my game, which is set up on a good server and ready to go.

As for compensation, this is a pay by project job, a negotiable $750. My email is julia92 -at- xplornet -dot- com.


Well i would be interested, bu tthe only downside (if you call it that) is that i am currently coding one myself but if you want to talk about it, my email is in my profile