i have this code,what is the problem.button clcik nothing to display,

i want to button click display label and textbox.

$("#planbar").click(function() {
var html="";
var i=0;
var display=" ";
/*var numitem = $(this).val; if(numitem>5) numitem=5;
for(i=1;i<=numitem;i++) {*/

html+="<div><b>Planbar</b> </div>" +

"<div class='field'>" +
 "<span style='width:115px;float-left;text-align:right'>Where:</div>"
// }

         <input type="button" id="planbar" value="+ "  />
           <div id="planbars" style="float:left;width:150px;margin-left:20px;height:210px;overflow-y:scroll;border: 1px solid black;">


Replce line 18 with:


hi blockblue,

i changed that line but still nothing to response.
plz help me.

You're missing another plus at the end of line 13.

Correct that and then post any JavaScript errors you're seeing.

yah his right missing my advice to see the client side code error like javascript press control+shift+j

hi, blockblu,

Thank you very much solved my problem.
and Thanks to everybody,

$("#planbar").click(function() {

replace this line to
$("#planbars").click(function() {

you have missed type the id of div