Hello fellow Daniweb members,

A relative is a film maker in a foreign 3rd world country, with poor services to help him construct a website for his films and small company. I, trying to be helpful, said that I could provide him with a model of what his website would look like (even though, I'm a programmer).

I would really like to help my relative and also learn a bit of web development (which is not far away from programming). I have done some research and seen tutorials like thenewboston html & CSS (few only), hosting websites (still don't completely understand this).

I would like to receive help from you guys who have already taken the hit of learning web development.

  • Good series of tutorials to follow? (even books)
  • Free web hosting services that allow me to upload my own html
  • Security tips

If you believe I completely made a fool of myself because it seems I don't know what I'm talking about please give me a push in the right direction.

Thanks for the help, or critique.

As a programmer you should be able to learn enough html and css to make a basic website. For better functionality you might want to incorporate some javascript and php which should be easy for a programmer. As you would expect, free hosting can be pretty unreliable.