please help me out i am in big problem

the problem is

my organization people gave me the WEB Application to edit it (the application was written in the C# language and it is web application so it is designed in ASP.NET MVC3 )

and i have to Upload in the hostserver but the problem is in the host server the database is MYSQL but the application is build in SQL SERVER so if i directly transfer the files from will that be ok if not
than how can i do that please guide me

thank you

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Obviously the connection string you are using will have to change and hopefully the dev team knew enough to store it in one place only (web.config). You can find the connection string syntax for MySQL at connectionstrings.com.
Also, in certain places you may need to alter the actual SQL commands used, particularly if you have used parameters as MS SQL uses @ to preceed the variable while MySql uses ?.
But, change the connection string and run it in debug mode and watch as the IDE shows you all of the changes you need to fix:)

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