Hi folks,

 I have encountered a new problem in my development environment , this might be a very simple part to be configured but no clue so looking for suggestion from you people , So my questions is I use ASP.net and C# recently i encountered that all my design output does not display in my localhost web browser where we usaully get our output meanwhile when i work on my live server it works good but then when i just create a basic website with a label "hi' which has to be hi when i hit my F5 but it gives a blank page only when i manually click my server icon of asp.net on the rgt corner of the desktop and hit the localhost address over it shows out the o/p in new tab , please advice what could be wrong.

 Thanks for your time.

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Hi, answer some questions please:

  1. Which visual studio are you using?
  2. Wich type of project are you working on? (ASP.NET WebSite, ASP.NET Web Application, etc)
  3. How are you running the website? VS development server, IIS or other web server?


To start with I use VS 2008 , its a ASP.Net Website and I run the website using VS development server , it was working good recently i encountered this problem , please advice.

Thank you for your time.

It throws any errors?

Try running on IIS: set the properties and create the virtual directory

When you try to run the local web via Visual Studio, do you see the "ASP.NET Development Server" icon pop up on the system tray?


yeah it pops up the server in system tray but then no ouput in the browser, anyway i restalled my package now its working good. If am not rushing with my project would have found the solution but if anyone else faced this problem please put a solution for this , so we can solve it without reinstallation.

thanks for your time.

glad to hear you resolved it. good news.

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