Hi, So I have a login system but when I create an account and activate it through email. It goes through but then the style.css does not apply so all the backgroung and images fail. So the link is like this. http://www.site.com/register.php?mode=activateusername=user&activationcode=D56gsjd and the html and all the rest doesnt work.

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Hi, So what do youy want? You'll need to provide more info than that. Is this a CSS issue? Images need to be sent as attachments or be linked. Sending as html or plain text?


1 - If you are speaking about css and images of the email content that's of course normal if you dont use absolute URLs, images must be like : http://www.site.com/img/banner.jpg and not like the site pages where you can use relative URLs like /img/banner.jpg.

2 - The link that you are using contain an error, I dont know if this is an example or you'v copied it from your real site (Im speaking about params of course : mode=activateusername=user&activationcode=D56gsjd ), the error is after mode=activate you should add an '&', so the link must be like this :


site.com, is somebody else's url, Do Not post faked urls they always turn out to belong to somebody, and DaniWeb will get blamed for your being ignorant of the social niceties.
Use your url, and/or post the code that the screwup applies to, then help will be more likely to work, since those who care enough to try and unravel the screwup will view source to find your css

those who care, usually does not include me :)

commented: I didn't know about site.com either -thanks for the heads up +14

Use your url

A lot of members tend to be hesitant with doing this for fear of being labeled a spammer.

Also there are people like me who want to get help with work-related problems without disclosing my company.

You can always use http://www.example.com :)

Sorry about that . I did not know and I have solved the problem and thank you everyone who tried to help.