hi everyone

got a problem with the pp api...

basically i have a return url that gets 2 fields from the pp form.. custom and mc_gross.

the problem im having is that when pp redirects to this function, it first goes to a page stating its going to redirect in 10 seconds... then when it redirects to my function, it shows a popup asking to confirm to send data accross unencrypted network. ....you honestly get about 2 seconds to click this button..if you dont then it redirects anyway and loses the pp info.

how can i stop it from redirecting before the user has clicked the popup?


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Maybe show some code where it's going wrong - People might be able to help you :)


theres no code for the popup as its controlled by paypal and the browser

basically its sending from an ssl site (pp) to my http site
so if the user doesnt clik the popup, it wont send the data
but for some reason the pp redirect is still going forward, and loading the next screen.


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