i have a page say test.jsp
It has some href links which redirect to the same page with some unique attributes depending on the link
Now depending on the link clicked the page will be reloaded(as it redirects to itself) with new data. Now i want to take an attribbute from what user clicked on test.jsp and use it to open a new page in new tab when the test.jsp reloads.

In brief
i have test.jsp with two hyperlinks
one is test.jsp?id=1
and other is test.jps?id=2

Now when user clicks on first hyperlink,
i need to take that value (1) and process (say i got lorem1.jsp after i process it) it and use it to open lorem1.jsp once test.jsp finishes refreshing.


you said the the hyperlink is "test.jsp?id=1" and you are also telling that by clicking on this hyperlink to want to open "lorem1.jsp".

Can you please tell me how can you open "lorem1.jsp " by clicking on hyperlink "test.jsp?id=1".

So your requirement is not fully clear.

Can you please show some code samples so that we can understand "what you are trying to do exactly"?

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