Does anyone know how to connect to a ms sql server from a unix platform
Below is the code i found.
I've setup the slq server and allowed it to accept remote connection. Port 1433 is open for connection and firewall is configered to allow remote connection. The host uses the php dbx_connect extension.

I just wan't to know what to fill in at the server part. I thought is was something like this.

isp ip address \ computername\ slq instance

What I've tried the outcome is the same "Could not connect" Even when i disabled the firewall!
I would be greatfull if someone can point me to the right directions how to solve this.
i need this for a project i'm working on.

Thanks, Leon

    $link = dbx_connect(DBX_MSSQL, "server", "database", "username", "password", DBX_PERSISTENT)
        or die("Could not connect");

    echo "Connected successfully";
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I enableded error reporting and this is the response I get

Warning: dbx: module '4' not loaded or not supported

I guess, that the webhost does not allow to make connection to sql databases other then mysql?


Hello protaeas,

mssql module is not enabled!

The webhost is using php version 4.3.9.

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