Hello hello. I've been dumped in at the deep end - my boss wants me and a co-worker to learn about Dynamic website (I know I know, it's a nightmare). So I've been doing a bit of research and found that I need to get hold of a package called Sokkit or PHP Triad. Unfortunately, I've looked around and can't find a version for Mac OSX. Is there something out there that does the same job? I'm I heading in the right direction?


Don't know about those apps, but PHP Coder Pro is a good tool... I use it for all my php development. The software is free. You will have to learn php to build your site, there are no apps that will write the code for you..

Thanks for the help.. I'll look into that. I know I've got to learn PHP- that's what I'm scared aboooot :(. :sad:

I just started learning a few months ago and am already building some pretty advanced pages... Don't worry.. it is easier than you think... If I may recommend a book... PHP/MySQL Programming for the absolute beginner. By Andy Harris. Published by Premier Press. It starts out with basic html refresher and then gets into some VERY good tutorials about php...

Good Luck

Brilliant, thanks heaps!

I know I've got to learn PHP- that's what I'm scared aboooot :(. :sad:

Never be scared when someone else is paying you to learn something :D


I agree.. If it's free... it's for me.... Having someone else pay for you to learn is the only way to go. I am being paid to learn php and mysql.. It is challenging but worth the effort...

Unfortunately I get paid peanuts to learn something I'm not really interested in. It's a shame because I usually love my job. I suppose it's a useful skill to have though and may earn me a bit of money in the long run.

Hey does anyone know if "Sokkit" is still available? I've been to the site(http://www.sokkit.net/) and its down right now. They claim they are updating some of the software to newer versions (which is great), but i kind of need the software or an alternative to it right now.

AM I CORRECT?(My Theory): I really don't have the cash to buy a domain name and pay for a web host right now but from what i understand i can install Sokkit or something like it and learn from trial and error on my own computer which is external to the Internet, aka build an off-line website for learning purposes only. If i am totally misunderstanding this please fill me in and/or direct me in the right path. I would really appreciate it.

REASON: I am just a beginner at the lowest level but apparently i can install Sokkit and run everything from my own computer so that i can fool around with PHP, MySQL, & Apache... At least that is my theory from what i understand. Again, i am a beginner at all of this and ANY help or direction would be greatly appreciated. I would think that someone would have come up with a solution/alternative to Sokkit since it was outdated.

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> Unfortunately I get paid peanuts to learn something I'm not really interested in. It's a shame because I usually love my job. I suppose it's a useful skill to have though and may earn me a bit of money in the long run.

If you really feel like this, I doubt whether you'll get into it. If you lack the enthusiasm to start, I don't fancy your chances once you hit a wall - and you will - quite often when you begin. If you don't develop your skills, you won't, as you state, start earning more than peanuts.

Anyway, pHp is probably one of the easiest languages to pick up (and the easiest with which to get into bad habits). Buy some books, tune into decent sites like w3schools (although none are perfect) and practice. All you need to start is a decent free text editor, like Notepad++ (Windows). I've heard TextWrangler for Mac is pretty good. Install a tidy php package like XAMPP (http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-macosx.html) and an FTP client (http://filezilla-project.org/download.php) for uploading to a remote site. Then you're pretty much good to go.

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Excellent, can i run this from my own computer though and just fool around with it. It seems as if everything results in needing a web host thats why i found Sokkit to be so interesting.

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@TWBB - yes you can run php etc from your computer. That's the whole point in installing it! :)

LOL, as u can see I am a real NEWB. Thanks

There are quite a number of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) development systems. You can see a list at:
_FileWriteToLine($output_file, $file_line, $file_line_data) $file_line = $file_line + 1

The two you mention are somewhat lesser known (and not in the list). It seems that Sokkit is no longer supported. PHP Triad seems to be a popular download on CNET. Suggest that you look at (info on) some of the others before making a decision. Xampp and maybe some of the others are available for the Mac.

Depending on how much relevant programming experience you have, it's going to take some, or possibly a lot of work and time to become any good with PHP. You can probably do some simple stuff fairly quickly but to do anything more complex (which may be what your boss is hoping for) you will need to spend some time at it. If you don't already have a pretty good knowledge of html and css you'll be needing those as well, you'll probably need to get at least a basic knowledge of a database (probably MySQL) and you'll need at least some knowledge of Javascript / Ajax (or a package like JQuery) if you are aiming to develop really dynamic sites.

If you are starting off with negative feelings, then I think there will be a lot more of that to come unless you can get to enjoy it. If you aren't doing it because you like it, then you'll never be really good at it either. You might want to spend some time understanding what your boss is looking for and then see if it can be satisfied with an open-source or commercial package. There are many good PHP packages out there and many of them are free. Without much programming knowledge, you can learn to install and manage these pre-built solutions much quicker than you can learn how to build something from scratch.

@chrishea: Well im getting ready to go back to school for a CIT degree, im really just trying to get a head start, and thank god this doesn't have anything to do with my profession yet. The real reason why i want to learn PHP is for an idea i have had for a while now. Just recently i figured out what language it needed to be built in so im going to try to self-learn as much as i can since I don't have any friends that are into computers and coding. Hopefully in the future i can implement my idea into PHP if i get proficient with PHP enough. Thank you for the info : )

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I think we're confusing the posters here. The OP wasn't fussed on the idea, TWBB seems like an enthusiast!