I have a configuration table with one row per configuration item (id,category,name,value,description,comment).

My objective is to create a single edit page that shows all, or a subset, of these values and allows me to edit them.

I could probably create a page with a separate form and submit button for each item, but that seems excessive.

Ideally, I'd like to have one form and one submitt button to edit all records.

Alternatively, all the rows displayed, with an edit icon beside each row which, when clicked, exposes an edit form for that record alone immediately below that record.

Can anyone tell me hnow to go about this? If you could present an example script or point me toward and appropriate script or tutorial, my foggy, overworked old brain would thank you!

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You're good! Thanks very much. I'll have a good look at that once I get a few minutes.

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