This is sort of a long drawn out question, but I felt it needed some explanation as I don't really know which parts of the code would be helpful to evaluate... or if it is just the browser itself.

I have an event registration script that I'm running into an issue with when the registrant uses Chrome as their browser.

The way the system is designed, when you register with your initial selections, it is recorded in the mysql DB.

Then if you go back to the registration page, even if you use the back button, it displays your current selections and you can make as many changes as you would like until you have made the payment for the event.

It works perfectly in IE and FF but not when using Chrome.
If you use the back button after submitting the form, IE and FF display the page with the payment button as they should, allowing you to make payment or make changes... and if you make changes, it simply updates the existing record as it is supposed to.

But with Chrome, when you use the back button, it just redisplays the original page and ignores the fact that it has been submitted already. And then if you submit again, it creates a new record in the DB... it will do this as many times as you do the back button and resubmit.

I just Tested Chrome again based on a thought that ran through my mind, and after submitting the form the first time and hitting the back button, if I then refresh the page, it comes up with the payment button and reacts exactly as IE and FF... (things that make you go hmmmmmm)

Anyway, the only solution I can think of to circumvent this issue is to in some way ensure that there aren't repetitive records written to the table.

I know you can make a column 'Unique' but the table is used for multiple events that a member could register for, so I can't do unique member id, and I can't do unique event ID...

So, is it possible to do a 'unique' designation on a pair of columns?
The combination of member ID and event ID should always be unique as one member can't register for the same event more than once...

AND, would this create any other issues of any sort?

ANY other suggestions to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

No Response in over a month... marking it solved...

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