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Ok so there Is this answer website and It does "Not" have a BLOCK BUTTON to people users and members on there.

The programmer Is to busy to make one...

So Is there a way to make a code for me so I could send It to the person In Charge of the answer website then he could Input Into the website.

I'm new to Web development and programming at the moment.

The website Is written In I think...

Cascading Style Sheet Document
jScript Script File
jScript Script File

When I right clicked save as it showed the files of the site.

Here are screen shots photo to make it sound less confusing.

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First of all, what do you mean by BLOCK BUTTON?

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To block members on a website so the members won't have contact with you.

What type of website is this? A social network or something like it?

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Yes It's a social network website.

OK, so I guess that's nothing you can do by yourself with your current knowlodge.

This project isn't only HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It would most certainly have a database and a back-end language.

My point is: what you want is not only to "create a block button", you need to create a user block functionality. And for that you need to adapt the database, program all logic in the back-end language and then, only then, create the block button in the interface(and probably a blocked users list or something like that).

If you want to do it yourself you will need to have access to the database, have all source-code with you, and last, but most important, a very good knowlodge in web development.

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Yes thanks for the Information, I'm still new to web development.

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