hi guys, hope this is in the right place?

basically im trying to find places to sell php scripts.
ive found a couple, but they all want at least 30% of my sales which is ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC!!!
id b upset at 10% but im prepared to pay that if the sales are good...but 30% is just rediculous.

if anyone knows anywhere please let me know, thanks

70% of something, is better than 100% of nothing
there is so much freeware in php that the product has to be exceptional to sell.
the added impetus of being on a site surrounded by other programs for sale, may make a significant difference,
the main thing though, will always be, is the script good enough to pay for.
If it is good enough try before you buy, expiring demos. or the shareware model may work.

i have no problem selling my scripts already, i just wanted to cut out advertising time by having them hosted on sites that wil advertise them permanently..

my scripts sell, and for minimum $299 each...the problem i have paying MINIMUM 30% of my sales is the fact that im going to give some company $90 for doing nothing but give the option to purchase....by that reckoning selling them costs more than advertising them!

this would mean id have to raise my prices by 30% in order to keep my correct income from sales.... if i wanted to sell $90 cheaper....i would! ...i obviously dont, and i dont really want to raise the price!
there must be sites that dont want to take all your profit....the 70% income isnt a good offer no matter what freebies are available... what it is is taking advantage of the situation and offering no sensible way out other than making no money while these idiotic billionaire companys take all the cream off the cake!!

i mean...ive seen clipart for sale on freemarket .com ...clipart thats free on google, yet my custom designed logos were rejected there? it just doesnt make sense.

you can always use my site to sell scripts but its between you and the buyers also paypal nothing will be my respponsabilay. also i sell my own scripts on there aswel. jnetscripts.com and i have a members area jnetscripts.com/home.php

thanks ill check it out shortly

no offence but i dont think many will be sold with only 2 members!

also how happy are you using your bidding script? one of my scripts is a similar product. we have clients who changed from webid to ours.


Why not just host your own shop? The yearly cost of a host is 30% of a single product sell.

cool, exceptional is great, what do they do, where can I look at them, to see if they do something I may require