Hi People,

Got a small issue...... And don't know exactly where the problem is.

I'm trying to implement Online Manga Viewer in my site.

I've tried this as a stand alone page and it works fine.

What this viewer does is... There is a select box... Where I've got to select the book(out of list of books)... then it gets loaded in my div container...

And there are 2 more select boxes (Chapter Name and Page No)

Thing is that the moment I select page 2... my page alignment goes awry... This is because on selecting the page number... its not able to locate my css file.

Actual Problem is

There is a bunch of images in a web page.

Firefox is downloading them correctly, but Chrome does't loads them.

In developer's console, it shows for each image following message:

Failed to load resource

Even for css i get this same message in the console

This problem appears only in Chrome... Fire fox is perfect..

Any idea where its failing in chrome..??

Thanx and sorry for the lengthy post.

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Without an URL to your page it's impossible to tell.

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Without an URL to your page it's impossible to tell.

I have the same problem i.e. some images not loading with the error "Failed to load resource"

The images load and then disappear. If I click on them and open in new tab they appear and stay?

You can see the effect here Click Here

All images display in IE9 and Firefox.

Any help really appreciated.


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Is this PHP? Post your code. If you've just got HTML/CSS + JS consider posting to those fora.


Sorry - I was just continuing the thread and didn't notice it was in the php forum.

I guess I have a bit of everything as the script is written in php with some html for the pages, css for the styles and js.

At the moment I don't know which element is causing the problem.

What would be the best way to break this down?


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