hi guys,

i am looking for a control which has several headings from a database, regardless of the heading when clicked it should it expands to reveal a list view which can be edited.

from your description I can't think of any specific one control that does what you're wanting. However you should be able to create something at least close to what you want using html and javascript

Can you recommend a tutorial......because i know what i want to do just no sure how to do it.

Sounds like you mean a GridView/DataView combination? Not sure based on your description. Take a look at Microsoft's official site for ASp.net, at http://asp.net.

They have tutorials and videos as well.

The element with the word "Final" appears (i didnt look into the source) to have a click event associated. If you click it, the element that holds the data is either hidden or shown. that can be easily done with JavaScript/jQuery.

If you want the results to be editable, then you can use the Gridview control, as an example, and update the records.

Look at the CollapsiblePanel extener from the AjaxControlToolkit. You should be able to use that and place a GridView control inside of it.

THe collapsible panel would have to be launched dynamically though? due to the fact that the headings are coming from a sql database. any ideas?

my plot just got a bit thicker, i have 2 tables now table 1 has all the categories and table 2 has data but it is connection to table 1 through the category id. The task now is to make those categories as the headings for the collapsible panel. and the data that would fall under them should match but at the same time be housed in a listview of which will have to allow for editing if the user so desires......


HAS any one done anything close to this before....